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The top 3 types of hardwood flooring installation systems offer different benefits.

When you are getting your new hardwood flooring installed, you may not know the ins and outs of the installation process, as you are not the flooring expert who is working on the project! However, whenever you get any kind of work done in your home, it is really important to understand what exactly is being accomplished. After all, if there are any problems, you want to know how to address them appropriately. Plus, if there are certain methods that are better than others in the world of flooring installation, it will be important for you to know and understand those different methods so as to best address the issues that come up. As much as you may trust the person working in your home, nothing beats having the knowledge yourself! The following list includes the four major methods used in hardwood flooring installation and a reflection on which methods are best. Bear in mind that the wood used for each system is manufactured in specific ways to fit each of the different systems of installation.

1. Tongue and groove System: One of the methods for flooring installation is the tongue and groove system. Wood is manufactured to fit this kind of installation  http://www.custominteriorconnection.com/style by creating wood planks with grooves. The grooves exist on one side and one end of the plank and the other side and the other end have a tongue. The result of the ‘tongue and groove system” is that the tongues and grooves fit together snugly in order to hold the floor together. The grooves are then invisible once the job is done because they exist on the underside of the wood slats. Many times the tongues and grooves are glued together, but sometimes they are simply left the way they are because they fit together so snugly. Other times nails are used to secure the wood planks in their places. This final step depends largely on the type of material that has been used in the construction process with the wood.

2. The Click Systems: Many different patented “click” systems exist and are used by many different hardwood flooring installation companies to secure your wood flooring. These systems are either “unilin” or “fiboloc.” The “click” flooring systems are similar to the tongue and groove systems, but instead of using an adhesive, the planks “click” together and must be tapped or angled in to make the curved or sometimes barbed tongue fit inside the groove. This system is used largely in engineered wood flooring rather than solid wood flooring, but can also be used for engineered bamboo flooring. This kind of system is best used in the do-it-yourself flooring market.

3. Floor connection systems: These kind of flooring designs make use a wide variety of connection systems with the idea of working in materials other than wood into the design. This kind of system is particularly good if you are working with a specific pattern within your wood flooring system.

Regardless of which hardwood flooring installation system you choose, the important step is to find a hardwood flooring installation company you can trust, like Custom Interior Connection.

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There are many advantages to using Chem Dry for your carpet cleaning needs.

area rug cleaningHaving your carpets professionally cleaned can seem like a daunting task, especially when you use traditional carpet cleaning methods that can require up to two days to dry completely. Traditional carpet cleaning methods use many gallons of water that are dumped on to your carpets in addition to many harsh soaps and chemicals. This can be dangerous for a couple of reasons: First, having wet or moist carpets for any period of time, let alone up to two days, can leave your carpets susceptible to the growing of mold and bacteria; Secondly, the use of harsh soaps and chemicals leave behind a sticky residue that can attract dirt and germs. Have you ever noticed that your carpets seem to get dirty again more quickly after being professionally cleaned using traditional methods? Well, now you know why. Thankfully, Chem Dry has come along to revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry. Chem Dry utilizes the power of carbonation to clean your carpets naturally using only non-toxic solutions. They have locally owned and operated branches all over the world, so it is likely that there is a Chem Dry specialist in your area.

Century Chem Dry has been providing quality customer service and Chem Dry cleaning solutions to the Colorado Springs area for many years. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and boast a customer base of frequent return customers.  Below is a list of the main cleaning services that are provided by Century Chem Dry.

1. Professional carpet cleaning

Century Chem Dry utilizes the power of carbonation to extract dirt and grime that is embedded deep in your carpet and bring it to the surface. Then, using Chem Dry’s speciality equipment it is removed from your carpets completely. There is no need for excessive amounts of water or harsh chemicals and soaps. Chem Dry helps to keep your carpets cleaner longer and keep your home healthier.

2. Upholstery cleaning

From your favorite arm chair to your dog’s favorite spot to nap, Century Chem Dry can clean nearly any upholstered item, including the interior of your car. As always, all upholstery cleaning services are completed using only the best Chem Dry cleaning solutions.

3. Pet odor treatment and removal

As much as we all love our pets, no one loves the hassle of removing the smells and stains that can be left behind from pet urine. Chem Dry’s revolutionary pet urine treatment and removal cleaning solution is specially formulated to remove odor and stains caused by urine. Century Chem Dry guarantees that if they cannot remove a stain or smell, no one can.

4. Tile and stone care

Century Chem Dry provides special cleaning services to remove the dirt and grime from your tile, grout, and stone, promising to renew it to its original shine. It is recommended to have your tile and grout professionally cleaned every twelve to eighteen months.

5. Area rug cleaning

Area rugs can be tricky to clean because of the wide variety of materials that is used to make them. Not to worry, Century Chem Dry can clean nearly any type of area rug in your home using Chem Dry’s revolutionary cleaning products.