How To Get Fit At Home

Working out can be an expensive plan, especially if you have to join a health club. It can also be an impossible task if you are a shy kind of person or there is no gym convenient for you.

Because of that, you have no choice but to work out at home. However, can you really perform an excellent exercise at home? Well, the answer is yes. For more information about fitness and nutrition, visit

5 Aspects of Fitness

A workout plan must have 5 elements in order to become effective. This includes a warm-up, a cardiovascular exercise, resistance workout, flexibility moves, and a cool down. All of these can be done without leaving the house.

A warm-up can be a slow pace on your stationary bike or a brisk walk outside. For your cardiovascular exercise, you can pedal or walk faster. You can do aerobic workouts by using a jumping rope. You can also do whatever you want as long as it increases your heart rate.

For your resistance workout, you can do easy exercises such as abdominal crunches, push-ups, and squats. If you’ve got equipment, you can use a weight bar or small dumbbells.

Getting Started

You can aim for a 30-min cardiovascular workout at least 3 times a week if you are a beginner. For strength work, you can aim for 20 up to 30-min workout 3 times a week.

Make sure that you begin slowly, no matter what kind of exercise you do. You can slowly improve your workout intensity and time. Do not forget to listen to your body.

Challenge Yourself

You can always browse fitness magazines or surf the internet to look for new exercises. Be sure that you are performing those workouts properly. There are a lot of videos that show how a workout can be properly done.

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