How To Be Creative With Good Night Messages For Her

Good Night Messages are common among those who are in a relationship. Most of the time, it’s really the man who says good night to the woman, although other people don’t really mind going first, and it then becomes the case of who gets to remember to do so first. While chatting and texting your good night greetings is the most common way to do so, there also are some creative ways to spice up your good night messages for her, to make each one a special one.

Message in a Bottle

This message in a bottle should come with special instructions, and it is that the messages should be opened on a nightly basis. These messages can include things like 100 things you like about her, or famous love quotes from philosophers and pieces of literature that would help to mirror your relationship. If you are religious, then you can take some nice quotes according to your religion on what they would be saying about love.

Talking Teddy Bear or Stuffed Toy

Get a teddy bear or stuffed toy that they would want to have customized in such a way that they are able to say “good night” or “I love you” with a press of a button, or with a shake. These are really cute ways to show affection for people, indeed. If it is possible, then it can be customized in such a way that the stuffed toy talks in your voice.

Good Night Song

If you are a singer, then this is a creative way to say goodnight to your significant other, and that is through singing a song for them. You can send a video of yourself, or you can even send an audio recording. There are a lot of platforms that make these possible.

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