How To Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2019

Social media site are undoubtedly one of the most lucrative marketing avenues for businesses in the contemporary digital age. Investments in social ads are projected to increase to $48 billion in 2021 from $32 billion in 2017. Thus, the competition is really fierce on social media. Here is a brief on how to build an effective social media marketing strategy for 2019.

Know the right site

Every social media site may not be viable for running promotional campaign for your business. Experts advise to find the most complementing social network for your business first before preparing a SMM campaign. If you are planning to place ads, especially video ads, go for YouTube and Facebook. If your target audience is young women within 35 years of age, Instagram & Pinterest are your places to be. On the other hand, LinkedIn is especially for industry-specific contents which are usually more complicated comrade to contents you find on Twitter or Facebook.

Engaging and quality social content

The content you post on social media, be it text or image or video, should speak of value and high quality. Those should be catchy enough to attract the attention of social users over scores of other contents. Most importantly, your contents should be impactful enough to make your target niche take action- such as “share”, or “like”.

Be responsive

The essence of social networking sites is “networking” and you should follow the same with your social marketing campaigns. Thus, be responsive to any customer comments, queries or complains you see regarding your brand on social media. You can delegate the task to a reliable digital marketing company like foogleseo digital that will assign social networking managers to respond to your target audience regularly on behalf of your brand.

Mind engagement metrics

After you post a campaign on social media sites, be watchful on the engagement metrics to gauge its success meter. The most important variables to be careful of here are post reach, clicks, hashtag performance and audience sentiment regarding your posts.

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