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Axis And Allies’ Online Will Bring World War Board Gaming To Pc

The very famous board strategy game by Axis and Allies’,  based on World War 2 is all set to release in a digital medium as well ( in computers and laptop). The developers announced that they have decided to go online as far as the game is concerned.  So, having achieved much success in the board version of the game, they have decided to expand their version based on their success and achievements.

What’s exciting about this World War 2 game by Axis and Allies’?

The official release date of the game has not yet been confirmed by the team but according to sources, the game will be available on steam for around 20 US Dollars. The gameplay is certainly expected to be very dynamic and of the highest quality.  In this game, a player will play a game with another player, so it will be a 1 V 1 clash and at times zombies will also be included to make the game a bit tougher. The trailer of the game was extremely gripping and it will sure to attract gamers all around the globe.  The response the company received regarding the trailer have led to some thinking about the release date of the game. If the developer team sticks to the basic of the board game and keeps the price reasonable and the quality good, it is certain to be one of the biggest game of this year.

Board Game version vs Online version of the game-

Just like the board game, if they can keep alive the BanderQQ, it will engross the entire audience. The online version of the game will also be a nostalgic reminder for the ones who played the board game way back in the 80’s and 90’s. So, the target audience of the game will not just be restricted to the young gamers.  The target section is quite large, so a lot of players will actually play the game.

Keeping all the things aside and considering the trailer, this game based on World War 2 by Axis and Allies’ is certainly going to be a huge hit!

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